I am Perry Hoffman, artist, photographer, mosaic maker, tile maker and creator of the Tile House in the Mojave desert... specifically in wOnder valley, east of Twentynine Palms.
Born in 1953 in Los Angeles, California, at the Queen of Angels Hospital.  My parents were New York Jews, Rose & Ben, who always taught, peace, love, understanding and compassion for all people and had a love of art and music. You learn these things early. Grateful.

Studied art in first grade and got in trouble for drawing a nude.
Studied art at California Institute of the Arts in Valencia in the early seventies. Played with Paul Reubens and David Hasselhoff. Causing a ruckus, with a few regrets but otherwise a fun time.

Migrated in 1975 to San Francisco, doing color xerox collage and mail art, photography and clay and small backyard gardens. Great classes with Toby Klayman in San Francisco, who taught Business and Visual Artist. Forever grateful being introduced to POSTCARDS… Participated in a few group shows with copy art artists in the Albany State Museum and a few in various locations in San Francsico, like La Mamelle Gallery. Those were the days. This part requires a book.

In 2ooo the stark and open, hard and hot, sometimes freezing desert embraced me
 til 2oo8 where I explored an in depth study of life and my surroundings with camera in hand and embarked on a mosaic project taking on an entire house inside and out with the environs of Joshua Tree National Park at my side. The Tile House was inspired by my first visit to Watts Towers when I was ten years old and currently by the wildlife, huge skies and magic of the desert. Not to mention the fragments of tile one can find in the sand.

Met Douglas Smith in 2005 online and everything changed. ocean desert ocean desert ocean desert… Got married on the first “legal” day. Now the Tile House is adorned with his furniture and also some collaborations around the dining table. Grateful.

so I say, “I can fire it, break it, and make art out of it.”

But wait..

There is more. In 2o22 we moved to Gualala to make art, farm our beautiful acres and help the bees.


2o22 friends show 29 Palms Art Gallery

2o21 Hwy 62 ARt Tours Open Studio

2o2o April Show @ Glass Outhouse  29 Palms cancelled COVID 19

2019 Hwy 62 ARt Tours Open Studio

2018 Hwy 62 ARt Tours Open Studio

2017 Hwy 62 ARt Tours Open Studio

2016 Sol Hill Gallery Santa barbara

2o12 thru 2o17 Hwy 62 Open StudioArt Tour wOnder valley

2011 – Metro Galleries, Bakersfield, CA

2010 – Metro Galleries, Bakersfield,CA

2010- Open Studio Tour, Wonder Valley,CA

2009 – Frameworks, Santa Barbara, CA
Group Show, Buddha Abides – mosaics

2009 -Hwy 62 Art Tours- wOnder valley, CA

2008 – High Desert Test Sites – Wonder Valley Contemporary Institute of Art

2008 – Morongo Basin Open Studio Tour Wonder Valley, CA

2008 – 29 Palms Creative Center, 29 Palms, CA
Solo Exhibition, Buddhas and Birds – mosaics, photography and ceramics
2008 – Frameworks, Santa Barbara, CA
Group Show, Buddha Abides – mosaics
2008 – Fi-Lox-See – Wonder Valley, CA
Wonder Valley Homestead Cabin Festival Group Show
Mosaics, reTouched and Painted Photographs on Canvas, mini-installation
2007 – Open Studio Tour, Wonder Valley, California
Solo exhibition of photographs from Wonder Valley
2007 – International Mail Art Exhibitions:
digitalMailArt blog
Parade of Animals
Paper and Postage
Protect the Desert
Fire and Peace
Sputnik Project
2006 – Open Studio Tour, Wonder Valley, California
2006 – 29 Palms Creative Center, 29 Palms, CA
Solo Exhibition, Desert Wonder – photography
2005 – Open Studio Tour, Wonder Valley, California
2004 – Open Studio Tour, Wonder Valley, California
2003 – Open Studio Tour, Wonder Valley, California
2003 California Welcome Center, Yucca Valley, California
2000 – 2004 29 Palms Inn, 29 Palms, CA
1994 – Southern Exposure Gallery, San Francisco, Group Show, SF, California
1995 – Southern Exposure Gallery, San Francisco, Group Show, SF, California
1984 – New York State Museum National Copier Art Exhibition, Albany NEw York
1979 – San Francisco La Mamelle Gallery Copy Art Show, SF, California
1st Grade – Got in trouble for drawing a nude in class.

11 Comments Add yours

  1. Sharon Zimmer says:

    thanks for your bird postcard…it took me bit to figure out who it came from.

  2. miish says:

    hey parry
    great website, very informative and easy to navigate
    i found the color a bit much, but thats a canadian for u, we’re used to green and browns lol
    left u my home web page where i am from – its kinda dank and sparse, but that is how Chief and Council wanted it, Elder friendly we call it
    chat soon and see u at the scrabble board

  3. Hi Perry,

    A mutual friend, Robert Tucker, were dicussing art and art experiences during his recent art show opening at our FRONT WINDOW gallery in Yucca Valley. He mentioned your mosaic class in November and sent me this link to your website. I have not been able to find any info on this upcoming workshop and would like some more info if you wouldn’t mind sending it to me at, or snail mail to: Arlette Capel, c/o American Free Journal – 55838 29 Palms Highway – Yucca Valley, CA 92284. If time permits, I would be interested in doing this workshop and meeting you.

    I am the co-publisher of the American Free Journal and the Desert Valley Star, the ALTERNATIVE newspapers of the Morongo and Coachella Valleys. If you are not familiar with our publications (or haven’t seen them recently) please go to and take a look.

    By looking at your website, it looks like we might have a lot in common and a lot to talk about, in terms of fitting your ideas into our paper somehow. We are very interested and focused on local stories, events, issues, and the environment, and spiritual concerns, etc…

    If you are interested in starting a dialogue, please contact me.

    Looking forward to hearing from you,

    and … great website,

    Arlette Capel

  4. Jonathan says:

    ❤ This is so great Perry. Thanks for sharing your work and bringing love into the world everyday.

  5. Mayah Martin says:

    Perry. I look forward to seeing you, Doug, Richard, Olive, Adrian, Beth,Jack, lorane,Randy…and whoever’s else should be out and about on 5th. Many blessings to you all

    1. magentaraven says:

      WOW what a great surprise! And you’ll be here for Open Studio … we are having a little party Saturday night (the 5th) love to have you and everyone here with us! Xo xo Perry and Doug

  6. Debbie Nelson says:

    When will you have another workshop in Santa Barbara?

    1. magentaraven says:

      Sorry I am moving from the area to Northern California

      1. Debbie Nelson says:

        Hi there, will you be having workshops in northern California. I am new to mosaic art and I absolutely love your work.


  7. magentaraven says:

    Yes I will be having workshops in Gualala once we are settled here.

  8. magentaraven says:

    Will definitely be announced on the website

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