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  1. Guma says:

    I have your Swallowtail Moth card sent to me by Jan-Maria. I would love to buy a box of cards from you for my holiday cards, but I’d like to see all the options, and you don’t feature your cards on your website. Please let me know how I can see them, and if I can buy a box.

    1. magentaraven says:

      Thank you so much. I actually have a holiday card and over this weekend will get some of my card images up here so you and everyone can see them. Thank you for giving me the momentum. Happy Thanksgiving.

      1. Guma says:

        Be sure to include prices and whether you have any mixed sets.

      2. magentaraven says:

        I just added a shop for cards in the menu. ENJOY and thank you!!

      3. magentaraven says:

        You’re welcome. If you would like 15 cards I can do $3 a piece. Does that help!? If so let me know. You can just pull me as a friend so they do t take their usual cut.

      4. magentaraven says:

        When you are in PayPal you can pay someone as a friend and they don’t take any money out. It’s an option in PayPal. Don’t do it thru my website. Then the friend gets it all. Thank you.

      5. Karen Guma says:

        How about I just send you a check and you send me the cards and envelopes? I’d rather not go through PayPal, since they get hacked so often.


      6. magentaraven says:

        Perry Hoffman
        P.O. Box 384
        Gualala, CA 95445

      7. Karen Guma says:

        I’m mailing the check today.

      8. magentaraven says:

        Thank you. Your cards should ship on Monday. Thank you for your purchase and patience. 🙏🦄

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