It’s not easy being the best dog on the planet. Everyone will tell you that their dog was that ONE. However when you have one, you and everyone else knows it. A dog with a smile and a willingness to keep going… even at 18. We are sad but we know she had the best of everything we could give, and giant amounts of love 💕. She had a presence and fun loving energy… always up for it. Run in the desert or splash in the ocean wave, she loved being here with us. The dogs used to go up on our roof until the day Paintbrush fell asleep and rolled off, dropping 8 feet and not breaking a bone. Sore and maybe never the same after that, yet she kept on… Once she ate an entire bag of dog food and ballooned up like a watermelon 🍉. We thought she might explode and die right there. No problem, she could survive almost anything except old age and old bones… So very loved and greatly missed but forever in our hearts. Go find Boo, beloved Paintbrush the Good.

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