Much a DO up n DOWN the coast of California

July found me assisting with a mural restoration painting in Lompoc, CA with a master painter and artist Emiliano Campobello…Setting up a scaffold every day and then breaking it down. Grateful to work with Emiliano, I respect his knowledge both with the brush and the sage. Grateful for the cool fog blowing in to Lompoc. Also grateful for the stories and the food at Rice Bowl, an institution since 1946… Delivering hand-dyed fabric and handmade sofa by Doug Smith and perry hoffman to San Francisco… more fog…High fire ceramics on the kiln shelf… Extruding clay…Many clay works in progress and a stained glass mosaic in the works. Vegetables from the garden and so many flowers… Busy summer…

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  1. La Dauphine Robinette says:

    Toutes gorgine!

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