Buddhist Retreat 2014 in Wonder Valley

Hello dear friends, it has been a while since I posted here to the blog. Much has been going on since November of 2012. The Tile House had an incredible amount of work done, thanks to friends and donations from kickstarter. This week brings me back to the wonderful charter school in Los Angeles where I will resume work on a memorial mosaic bench for the garden, made with children’s tiles amongst other found objects from my bone yard. Working simultaneously on homestead cabin images and birds, ranging from crows to phainopepla and a very large Ganesh mosaic. Rolling into present time, or as close as we can be to that LAUGH… this weekend I met a wonderful Buddhist nun from Austria who has been living in Thailand. I met mc brigette on the bluff above the Arroyo Burro beach here in Santa Barbara, while I was taking photographs of her and her two hosts also taking pictures. As I neared the trio I told them, I was taking their photos and if they would like them emailed I would be happy to oblige. They were pleased. When I returned home I had already received an email from mc brigette and returned the email with pictures from the bluff. She then invited me to her last day of teaching dhamma talks and metta meditation. The next day I went to the home of the hosts, Robin and Linda and participated in a lovely Qi-Gong exercise, a guided meditation and a wonderful dhamma talk and Q&A. The home was filled with images of Amma and Hindu deities and buddhas, warm and inviting and radiant with the group energy. After another round of emails, mc brigette said she would love to do a retreat next March at the Tile House. So very pleased! It is amazing what can come of an “accidental” hello on a bluff alongside the ocean. Stay tuned for more information as the year progresses. Peace and namaste. Grateful.

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