There is a whole lot going on…

WOW !!! I need to reflect a moment on how much has happened in the last few weeks and months. A big chapter closes as desert wonderland goes to new desert lovers and leaves me the Tile House solo. A frenzy of cleaning and shifting energies, a gorgeous sky every day, a tour of wonderland of rocks in the national park, a kickstarter campaign launched, a wedding in Yosemite where we spotted California Pronghorn Antelope, an incredible mosaic workshop for seven folks in the desert, a trip to San Miguel de Allende to meet Anado Mclauchlin’s animals, neighbors and husband and SEE all the art and color and colorful dots… Is this a sentence? I could go on… A stellar shot of three pelicans on the coast, my current series of desert cabins just uploaded to flickR. Is there more? Why yes… Summer Solstice kicks off this week in Santa Barbara and I am one of the Artists in Residence… currently SEEKING volunteers to paint and glue and help make it happen!!! This was my first week with kickstarter UP and the Tile House made it to 10%. If you feel so inclined to assist  the desert Tile House in a growth spurt of love, pattern on pattern and creative flux, please DONATE here. Please share with your friends… there is power in connecting the dots!!! Raining gifts of tile and wonder I am very grateful for all who support art and light, love and wonder, compassion and gratitude!!!

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