Lovers Hands

These are two new works in progress. They are clay hands made from castings of my husband’s hand and my own. I am calling them lover’s hands. One hand has a wedding ring. I was married in California. It was the happiest day of my life. It will remain so. I will celebrate my wedding anniversary on that day and I don’t really give a shit what the state or any one else has to say about it. I’m married now and staying that way. This is my religious right. In my religion, it’s ok for gay people to be married. End of story. So stop cramming your tight, little narrow minded religious views on others. I am happy. I am gay. I am married. I am an artist who tries to bring more beauty into a sad and trouble world filled with hate and hypocrisy. So with this being said I bring you LOVERS HANDS in clay.
I told my husband who was sad and teary eyed this morning that this day only makes me love him more if that is even possible. So, whatever it takes, I’m staying married. Sue the state for our wedding expenses that WE pumped into this sucky economy! How about that? Call Obama!!! Call Arnold!!! Whatever it takes we’re not done and I’m not giving up my ring or my rights.
Oh and one more thing.
You can have your faith, without bothering everyone else. Have your faith in god but remember god loves me and I have MY faith. SO lets all have our own faith and start loving each other and stop judging everyone. LOOK at your self and your DIVORCE Rate. Divorce hasn’t been caused by gay people. St8 people got married and divorced themselves. Oh this makes me sick. Maybe we need to form a GAY CHURCH so we’ll have the same rights as other churches to use tax deductable dollars to run campaigns of hate.
Just remember, the ONE thing that ignorant and hateful people cannot take away is our LOVE, and my love just grew tremendously for my husband and all the gay people I know. It also grew for all the black and hispanic and asian people who FINALLY have someone who at least symbolically can represent hope for all of us.

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  1. Jessica says:

    you’ll always be married in my eyes! what a beautiful portrait of your love, which will always be real and true. i know it doesn’t feel like it, but a lot of ppl are on our side. here’s to a new era of change!

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