kd lang has created another beautiful record

1200085844_extras_banner3.jpg She definitely used the right color on her new cd… Magenta Raven is pleased. And of course the music is divine. Thank you kd !!!  I must add that this recording is just getting better and better as I listen to it. It’s blowing my mind.  Snip of lyrics from the song Coming Home, “My eyes no longer weak amongst the clarity that you pronounce in me”  OK, that’s heavy!  but it’s also exquizitly stated with the one and only voice… thank you very much! WOW love her… “Happily indifferent to the ones that have consistently been wrong”… 

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Languished says:

    Thanks for your review. I feel the same way and can’t wait to see her on tour.

  2. ritlegit says:

    I love this album almost as much as I love k.d. lang in concert.

  3. magentaraven says:

    This record is smooth like velvet !!!

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