Wonder Valley Homestead Cabin Festival

In February 2008, I will be participating with 3 very talented artists, Chris Carraher, Scott Monteith and Bob Arnett in a celebration to bring awareness of the beauty, history and free interpretations the Wonder Valley homestead cabins bring to our senses.

February 9, 2008, save the date!!! For more information click this CABIN.

Here is a peek at a new image I would like to include in the show. It is an image of a cabin in Kaua’i. An island which faces the same dilemmas in mind, body and spirit that challenges Wonder Valley in a time of global expansion and destruction of the earth as earth.
Will we succeed when we have covered every inch of the planet in concrete? Don’t get me wrong, I think concrete is a beautiful medium. Just not in the form of more parking lots.   


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