New Mail Art @ ravenMailart

I have moved the mail art archives from here to a new site. See all the mail ART at ravenMailart. Also… some mail art is not sent for a specific CALL or Project…Some mail art may just come in the form of a thank you for participating…or just a hello. David Berube sent a nice thank you and it’s on the new site ravenMailart. David Berube in New York currently has a project going on called PORTRAIT “A Face a Day”. Maybe you should send him something?!?!?!?

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  1. David Berube says:

    Alright Bud, I fixed the San Bernadino/Wonder Valley thing, now how about changing the “Dave” to “David”. I know, I know, I’m sensitive that way.

    DAVID ;0)

  2. David Berube says:

    Thanks for the post and directing people to my “Portrait” MailArt Call, greatly appreciate it!!!

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