The Smartest Man in the World is …you guessed it…gay.

This is an incredible article. The smartest man in the world is gay: Daniel Tammet, a 28-year-old autistic savant from the U.K., is teaching researchers worldwide about the complexity of our brain. But this gay man also has a thing or two to teach us about love. This article was in the advocate and can be read here.

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  1. REHAN says:

    How many of these handfull of “savants” across the world (may I ask) are “gay”?

  2. magentaraven says:

    Dear stranger, from across the world, and across the virtual world as well, I do not know the answer to your question. But I believe that what this shows us is that it doesn’t matter whether you are straight or gay, you can be brilliant despite your sexual orientation.

  3. REHAN says:

    OK. But as far as I know they are all gay and that is saying something.

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