Tile hØü∫e

The Tile House is my home and a work in progress since 2000 when I inhabited my first homestead cabin in wonder valley, in the Mojave Desert, surrounded by Joshua Tree and the Sheepholes and the Twentynine Palms Marine Base… BOOM BOOM.

Wonderful vistas and magic are always in the air in this beautiful desert. Every tile is an inspiration of this desert, a color from this desert and radiant light source… always reflecting light back to ones eye.

Still in progress. Why?!, just last week we got a new mosaic floor in the shower. Old meets new, once again. Created and poured a new concrete pad on the porch and in the master bedroom. Still walls outside beg to be finished, and in due time they will. To see more pictures or to inquire about staying, CLICK Tile House

To assist our progress, feel free to purchase a set ofArchival Cardsor aHandmade Tile. Everything helps. Art lives!