Mildred and Richard Perry Loving are allowed to marry.

Mildred and Richard Loving were given the right to marry in 1967. Imagine, black and white people could NOT marry each other in 1966. Here’s their photograph. I am dedicating this page to my mother, (today being her birthday) Rose Hoffman, who supported equal rights and taught her children that equal was best for everyone.

National Rally against Prop H8 Santa Barbara

This Saturday was inspirational and a great reminder that there are huge numbers of str8 people and religious groups that are supporting the gay community. There were some great speakers, talking about their children and their equal rights!!! There were teachers and clergy speaking out in support of legalizing LOVE. Santa Barbara was one place…

Lies lies lies

God, how I hate having to depart from the beautiful dolphins into madness/politics. But here you have it. If you’d like to see some interesting footage of double speak by John McCain… and thank you to Queerty for this update. Also on the eQual rights front, interesting information at the Bilerico Project.

California New York California New York California New York

If you’re in California please sign the Millions for Marriage petition. UPDATE: If you live in NY, please call the governor’s office TODAY and let them know that you support Paterson’s directive. Call 1-518-474-8390 and say “I support the Governor’s directive on marriage equality,” then give them your 5 digit zip code. The opposition is…

Go West…

Couldn’t be a more appropriate song to celebrate the California ruling. Go west indeed.