Qµ€€n∫ t€Å®∫ and hÅpPy n€∑ y€Å®

Well my dears, 2012 is upon us already. Water Dragon Year beginning on January 23rd by the Chinese calendar. I have big and ambitious plans this year to complete some major mosaic/tile work at the Tile House. Video plans for proposing a kickstarter project are in the works as is some serious thinking about what…

my n€w ßooks A√AILAßLE at blurb

I have updated my side bar to show my new books. I have eliminated the soft cover option as I simply did not like them. The hard cover version is the joie de vivre… check it out, I even lowered the price to $25. All the other photographs by Perry Hoffman | Make Your Own…

RØ∫€∫ from the ga®∂€n on Calle Poniente

Although the weather has been a bit strange, Spring does seem to be bursting forward in Santa Barbara, especially with the sµn out and the roses blooming like crazy in our yard. A few more roses and our neighbors orchid-like red flower are here on flickR.


Here on the coast in Santa Barbara we have datura, just like in the desert. How funny a plant like this can grow in two such opposite environments!! Also in Santa Barbara is the dollar store and they have pretty plastic from China.