Qµ€€n∫ t€Å®∫ and hÅpPy n€∑ y€Å®

Well my dears, 2012 is upon us already. Water Dragon Year beginning on January 23rd by the Chinese calendar. I have big and ambitious plans this year to complete some major mosaic/tile work at the Tile House. Video plans for proposing a kickstarter project are in the works as is some serious thinking about what…

€n∫€ñÅ∂Å m€Xi©Ø

Mother Smith, took the entire family on a paradise cruise ship to Mexico this past weekend. We had a GREAT time, eating, laughing, drinking and shopping in Ensenada. Watch the slideshow of our trip on my flickr site.


Here on the coast in Santa Barbara we have datura, just like in the desert. How funny a plant like this can grow in two such opposite environments!! Also in Santa Barbara is the dollar store and they have pretty plastic from China.

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