It’s not easy being the best dog on the planet. Everyone will tell you that their dog was that ONE. However when you have one, you and everyone else knows it. A dog with a smile and a willingness to keep going… even at 18. We are sad but we know she had the best…

End of the year…2o17

2o18 is on the rise… moving forward with love and peace in our hearts and gratitude for all sentient beings. If you’d like to follow my photographic endeavors, one can find me, magentaraven on instagram. PEACE 🙏🌞💎All images ©2o17 Perry Hoffman.

Mojave Desert Spring 2o17 All photographs ©2o17 perry hoffman

To walk in Joshua Tree National Park and surrounding areas, by choice and by grace was a complete and utter wonder. Symphonies of colour abounded in the Mojave this incredible spring. More flowers, new flowers, Lilac Sunbonnets, and of course Chuckwallas basking in the sun.

Baja Sur in Los Barriles, Punta Pescadero and La Paz

Here is a photo essay of my recent trip to Baja Sur. What an exquisite place with friendly faces, good eats and gorgeous scenery abounding everywhere. So many cows and dogs and ATV ‘s which seemed to stay on the roads… noisy bu not ripping up the desert. Best cinnamon rolls ever at Caleb’s Cafe…

Punta Pescadero birds and other creatures… Baja, MX

I followed this Osprey for quite some time. I could see it on a telephone pole with something large hanging from its talons. It flew off down the dirt road to a cactus and then back to a pole and then to another cactus. I followed back and forth and up a ridge until finally…