New Joni Mitchell cd SHINE

This cd Shine... only Joni tells it like it is, so eloquently AGAIN !! Thank you!! Also a new Joni album by Herbie Hancock cd called River, the Joni Letters...unreal, Tina Turner sings JONI...this is Joni's time. Rock on!!! This is a photograph of Joni in Wonder Valley. Here are the lyrics from Rudyard Kipling's … Continue reading New Joni Mitchell cd SHINE

Moon at the Window

Joni...Joni...Joni...ahhhhhhhhhhhh in 2004, out in the wilds of the Mojave desert I was blessed to be visited by the legend/singer/song writer Joni Mitchell in my home. I was trying to be a good host as well and not attack Ms. Mitchell with camera badgering...but I did end up with a couple of nice shots that … Continue reading Moon at the Window

Beatnik Cafe in Joshua Tree

After spending a wonderfully productive evening in Yucca Valley at The Pottery creating buddhas and snakes from clay with my friend Maya, by sheer chance we went into the Beatnik Cafe in Joshua Tree to find that they were showing films. FRANK ZAPPA, in a film called Baby Snakes. What a treat. Alot of claymation … Continue reading Beatnik Cafe in Joshua Tree