Wonder Valley Homestead Cabin Festival

Let me say that I truly do not know where to begin... Shall I just start backtracking... kd lang has created an amazing cd and the more I listen to it the more amazing it becomes. Jazz great,Herbie Hancock just won album of the year at the Grammy's with his cd River, The Joni Letters.  … Continue reading Wonder Valley Homestead Cabin Festival

New Joni Mitchell cd SHINE

This cd Shine... only Joni tells it like it is, so eloquently AGAIN !! Thank you!! Also a new Joni album by Herbie Hancock cd called River, the Joni Letters...unreal, Tina Turner sings JONI...this is Joni's time. Rock on!!! This is a photograph of Joni in Wonder Valley. Here are the lyrics from Rudyard Kipling's … Continue reading New Joni Mitchell cd SHINE

Moon at the Window

Joni...Joni...Joni...ahhhhhhhhhhhh in 2004, out in the wilds of the Mojave desert I was blessed to be visited by the legend/singer/song writer Joni Mitchell in my home. I was trying to be a good host as well and not attack Ms. Mitchell with camera badgering...but I did end up with a couple of nice shots that … Continue reading Moon at the Window