saving an insect

New photographs today. The raven is from last week in Neveda. The Sphinx Moth is from this morning. I saw the moth in a spider web, but it was not moving. Assuming he had been in this still position for some time (dead) I got my camera, at which time he moved and of course…

Ten Lined June Beetle

Found in the parking lot of Urgent Care, where I took my husband this morning, diagnosis, tendinitis, rotator cuff… not fun. Ten Lined June Beetle available on 12×12 archival paper printed with archival inks. Purchase

Santa Barbara Acorn Woodpecker

Yesterday from Valerio and Calle Poniente was a Jackaranda tree full of woodpeckers. I caught this one eating an insect.

Santa Barbara Spider

In the garden this morning. It was wrapping up a little snack, from what I could tell.

Dragonfly in the House

This dragonfly was trying to get outside. He kept flying into the window, buzzing, but not getting results. I asked if I could photograph him on his way out. It was a good exit to freedom…first a few poses and then…fly… dragonfly…

Mail Art Call – protect desert wilderness with awareness

Mail Art Call – protect desert wilderness with awareness Dear Mail Artists and regular people, I invite your participation in a mail art call from desertWonderland. Just send a postcard depicting wildlife to desertWonderland and by so doing join forces with positive energies to express the wish to keep wild areas wild for wildlife to…