Qµ€€n∫ t€Å®∫ and hÅpPy n€∑ y€Å®


Well my dears, 2012 is upon us already. Water Dragon Year beginning on January 23rd by the Chinese calendar. I have big and ambitious plans this year to complete some major mosaic/tile work at the Tile House. Video plans for proposing a kickstarter project are in the works as is some serious thinking about what I wish to accomplish and just what it will take. There is much ground to cover for mosaic work on the outside of the house as well as some roof repair. Materials include tile, thinset mortar, fused glass, handmade tile, bottles and found objects, broken bric-brak and smalti… Besides materials, some desert laborers, grouters and mosaic helpers would be grand.
I have six mosaic workshops planned this year , three on the coast in Santa Barbara and three in the Mojave desert in Wonder Valley.
Also asked to be an artist in residence for Summer Solstice Celebration in Santa Barbara. They said the Dragon year would be a busy one…looking that way… Bring it !!!
Yesterday I took this photograph of Queen’s Tears, a most unusual plant.
Have a great New Year and look forward to more posts, more color, more love.

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