New ßirds, £iZÅ®d∫ and ƒlØwe®∫ ƒrom c€ntral Åm€®i©a

Back from the tropics. From sweltering heat and humidity, gla∫∫ ƒu∫ing, brilliant colours, flowers, insects, lizards and birds we find ourselves back to the fog rolling ocean in ∫anta ßarbara… but wait, the ∫un is out!! I added new bird photographs to the bird set on flickR oƒ course iƒ you’d like to see the entire excursion we made to Utila, Honduras and the Jade Seahorse click any of these links and ENJOY !!! Thank you again to the entire Keller ƒamily, Julia, Neil, Juneil and Tempy and LEaƒy and Andrea!!! You all made us feel very welcome and we hope to return your hospitality in the desert or in ∫anta ßarbara anytime in this life.

Melanerpes Hoƒƒmannii Woodpecker oƒ Co∫ta Rica and Hondura∫

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