StµPa ∂hOOpA †®avel †emPle latest images ƒor your viewing plEasµ®e

Here are the latest pictures… CLICK each image to enlarge. as you can see the left bench is still covered in glue and stuff and images. Getting really close to finishing and then it’s oƒƒ to ßµrning mAn … The last THREE images are taken from the floor looking UP at the ceiling.

©2009 pE®®¥ hOƒƒmAn all ®ights ®ese®Ve∂

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  1. mitabee says:

    Where is the hand coming from, I am spatially confused.

    1. magentaraven says:

      It is on the shelf in the back above the window. Does that make sense?

  2. Emily Duffy says:

    OMG is that your trailer? You definitely have to upload these photos to my FB group:

    Super Cute Camping/Travel Trailers

    Your images have inspired me! I need to add the valentines to the interior of the Candy Home!


  3. PujaRub says:

    Did you glue all this wonderful and weird art to the walls of yr. wonderful ‘trailer’?
    What type of glue did you use?
    I’d like to know where to purchase so much fun?
    Loverly trailer
    Loverly to Doug
    and Loverly to you at BM

    1. magentaraven says:

      We used YES glue and then we are coating with Modge Podge. Loverly, Puja Dub

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