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My name is Perry Hoffman. You can find a small sampling here of my mosaics, photography and ceramics. The Tile House in wØnder valley, California is a project and labor of love. I was embarking on an unknown course, to mosaic the house I had purchased for the price of a very used car, on 2 and half acres. I started in the kitchen but soon was taking on walls outside as well. The house would often speak to me, leading me on... Many donations of Mexican tile, Native Tile, broken plates and bric-brac from friends and local artists like BJ Duke and Mayah Martin have helped keep the vision growing and spilling over. A giant thank you to Diana Mauser, from Native Tile for the generous and incredible gift of beautiful tile. So the Tile House continues to unfold each day in the land of magic, called Wonder Valley.
Commissioned for many mosaic projects in the desert and in Santa Barbara. The shower at the Harrison House was an exciting desert commission in 2011. A free form shower made of handmade tiles, from local desert artists, objects and native rocks.
The City of Twentynine Palms employed me to supervise the Historic Plaza Mosaic Sidewalk in 2011. With much donated time and support from many artists and donated tile from Heath Ceramics in Sausalito, the project was a great success.
In 2012, there are 6 mosaic workshops planned both in Wonder Valley and Santa Barbara. I use my own ceramics in the mosaics as well as found objects, mexican tile, smalti and my own fused glass, millefiori and whatever else I can lay my hands on. When the clay isn't being sculpted and the tile isn't being smashed I can be found outside with my camera photographing birds and other wildlife, flowers and insects and horizons.
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